A Shout-Out to our Partners

Here’s just an opportunity to give some credit where it’s due…

We’ve been delighted over the past few months to be able to work with the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society to deliver a number of projects under their “Public Engagement and Education” Program, funded in part by Parks Canada’s “National Cost-Sharing Program for Heritage Places.”  (More details on this program to come later).

One of our favourite components of this program was working with two Elementary Schools in the Sooke area to engage the students in visiting, learning about and expressing their thoughts and feelings about their visit both in stories and in photographs.

The photography component of this project was made possible by an extremely generous loan of the cameras (cell-phone cameras), from Tom Harris Cellular (TELUS), through their manager Ryley Leckie at the Tuscany Village store in Victoria.  We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to Ryley, to Tom Harris and Telus for their generosity.  They made a lot of kids very happy.

And here’s a little thank you from the kids…




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