About Us

Change Canada Consultants Ltd. is a group of innovative and forward-looking professionals, working to help generate progressive and positive change for conservation, community and social infrastructure in Canada.

We provide a wide range of services and supports to:

Where appropriate, we also provide services to:

Change Canada Consultants Ltd. comprises five partners, each with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills.  While we are a new businessess, we have worked together as a team for over twelve years, achieving many successes.  Our team includes:

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Change Canada Consultants Ltd. is committed to providing first-rate service with integrity, respect and attention to detail.  We strive to conduct all of our work as sustainably and as reasonably as we can, and with an overriding principle of fairness for all concerned.


Change Canada Logo 3OUR LOGO:  a stylized wave that, we believe, represents continuing positive and beneficial change and renewal.  Waves are forces of nature that bring forth new resources and clear away detritus.

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