Products & Services

Change Canada Consultants Ltd. provides a wide range of research, organizational and operational supports and advisory services.  Following is an overview of the services we provide – for a more specific focus, please click on the page to the right that best suits your organization or situation, or contact us directly to discuss your specific interests.

We have also developed several products designed to address some of the more common challenges we have encountered.  They are listed below, or click here for more details.



  • Organizational development supports
    • New organizational development
    • Strategic planning
    • Operational assessment & planning
    • Policy development and drafting
    • Development of standards and practices & compliance monitoring
    • Accreditation compliance and monitoring
    • Board relations and activities
    • Board recruitment, training and effectiveness
    • Workshop, training and facilitation services
  • Fundraising services
    • Fundraising strategy development
    • Fundraising project and event implementation
    • Grant writing
  • Communications advice and support
    • Brochure and on-line materials development
    • Interpretive signage
  • Public relations supports and advice
  • Research services
  • Report development and writing
  • Philanthropy supports, research and advisory services
  • Land conservation supports
    • Landowner contact
    • Site assessments
    • Baseline reports
    • Conservation strategy development
    • Management, stewardship and conservation planning
    • Covenant/easement & legal agreement development and drafting
    • Negotiation services
    • Land securement services
    • Ecological gift program support
    • Covenant/easement monitoring
    • Site operations



Effective Planning Toolkit – for organizations and businesses, this goes beyond traditional strategic planning to make your planning more effective and responsive to the real world.

Workplace Happiness Audit – we will take you through a process to explore and discover what motivates your people to do their best and will leave you with a toolbox of tailored techniques to build your team and boost their workplace happiness.

 Land Conservation Toolkit – a suite of tools to assist and support the conservation of private land in Canada.

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