Workplace Happiness Audit

In a perfect world, every workplace would be filled with happy, engaged employees, who care about their work, who are committed to doing the best they can, and who receive considerable personal satisfaction from their contributions.  Sadly, that is not always the case – but we can do something about that.

Despite the high costs of employee turnover (which can be as much as 150% of an employee’s annual salary), many employers are reluctant to tackle this issue, fearing it could lead to higher costs and compensation demands.  But the results of many employee surveys show that compensation or other financial rewards are not the primary driving factor for employee satisfaction.  Rather, such things as appreciation, recognition and opportunities for learning and growth take top spots.

Our “Workplace Happiness Audit” will take you through a process to explore and discover what motivates your people to do their best and will leave you with a toolbox of tailored techniques to build your team and boost their workplace happiness.  And that will directly affect your organization’s effectiveness and your bottom line.

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