Planning for the Real World

Think back to where your organization was 5 years ago, and what has happened since then. How many of your accomplishments during that time did you forecast accurately? How many twists and turns did you need to accommodate?  How many surprises did “circumstances” throw at you?  How well has your Strategic Plan held up?

Effective strategic planning is a powerful and necessary tool for all businesses and organizations but, all too often, “traditional” strategic planning techniques fall short.  They can be overwhelming, costly and time consuming, done at 5 year intervals, and producing plans that are out of date for most of that time – and so often tend to sit on the shelf, ignored.   Clearly, both strategy development and planning are important tools, and yet, at the same time, every organization needs to be nimble as it responds to its environment.

Our “Planning for the Real World” process will help your organization analyze the real world factors that affect your operations, assess your strengths and opportunities, and will help you develop mechanisms to respond strategically. Our goal is to help you create a planning regime that is adaptable and that will help you be responsive to changes in your environment.  It’s a process that can be applied to your entire organization, as well as subcomponents.

For more details about our planning process, please contact us directly.

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