Working with Businesses

Many businesses today are looking beyond the financial bottom line to measure their success.  They are asking themselves whether or not they are a good place for their employees to work, if they are doing all they can to reduce their impact on the environment, and how well they integrate into the daily life of their community.  Being a good corporate citizen is no longer just a nice idea – it’s also good business.

Does your business want to improve its operations, enhance its environmental footprint, or integrate better with its community?  Change Canada Consultants can help.

By focusing on what you want to achieve, and building on what you do well, we can help you develop strategies and programs, tailored specifically to your business and your interests, to enable you to reach your objectives.

We can provide a range of services to help you meet your objectives, including:

  • research and report writing
  • materials development
  • in-house workshops and training programs
  • operational assessments and reviews
  • strategic planning
  • policy development and drafting
  • public relations and communications advice and support

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.



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