Working with Philanthropists

There are many ways that individuals and families can make a significant contribution to a cause or an organization they want to to support.  Through direct donations, or through planned gifts, using various financial tools and taxation options, many people can play a substantial and important role in addressing issues they are concerned about, or in making their own dreams come true.

Most philanthropists are advised to consult with their own accountants and/or lawyers in determining how and when gifts should be made.  This is good advice and we support it.  However, while they can address issues of “how” gifts should be made, from a financial or taxation perspective, many accountants and lawyers do not have the expertise to determine where, when and how gifts should be made in order to best achieve the donor’s philanthropic objectives.  How does one assess the effectiveness of a charity or social profit organization?  Which organization best meets the donor’s objectives?  What is the best way to give in order to achieve the greatest good?

These are questions that Change Canada Consultants can help you address.  All of our consultants have a strong background in charitable work, and understand how social profit organizations do their work and achieve results.  We can help you clarify your giving objectives, provide a wide range of research and background information, supports and guidance to help you make the best choices to meet your philanthropic goals.

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and interests.


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