Working with Charities & Social-Profits

Non-governmental organizations set up specifically to provide public benefit (for which we have adopted use of the term “social-profit organizations“) are increasingly significant factors in the health of our communities and the health of our economy.

Yet, despite this growing reliance, they continue to struggle with inadequate resources and inadequate public understanding of their needs and operations. They are, also, often measured by more stringent criteria than private businesses, or even government agencies.  In such circumstances, social-profit organizations must not only continue to do good and beneficial work, they must also be seen to do so, and they must also demonstrate that they are effective and efficient organizations.

Change Canada Consultants can help. With more than 100 years of combined experience in social-profit organizations, we have a broad range of knowledge of operational issues and needs, and of what it takes to be successful.  We can provide supports and services in many ways, including:

  • Research services
  • Report development and writing
  • New organizational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational assessment & planning
  • Policy development and drafting
  • Development of standards and practices & compliance monitoring
  • Accreditation compliance and monitoring
  • Board relations and activities
  • Board recruitment, training and effectiveness
  • Workshop, training and facilitation services
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Fundraising project and event implementation
  • Grant writing
  • Communications advice and support
  • Brochure and on-line materials development
  • Interpretive signage
  • Public relations supports and advice

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