Working with Landowners

Many landowners love their land, and want to do whatever they can to ensure that it is well-cared for and that its conservation values – environmental, historic, cultural and/or agricultural values – are respected and protected.  This is not always a simple process.  There are many issues that must be taken into consideration, such as family interests, financial and taxation options, legal mechanisms and the conservation strategies to be empoyed.  Also, it is important to clearly identify the conservation values of the property and to outline what the conservation objectives should be.

Change Canada Consultants can help.  With our strong background in land protection, and having worked with hundreds of individuals to help them protect the lands they love, we can provide a wide range of supports, guidance and technical knowledge to enable you to achieve your own conservation objectives.  Among the services we provide are:

  • Landowner and neighbour contact
  • Site assessments
  • Baseline reports
  • Conservation strategy development
  • Management, stewardship and conservation planning
  • Covenant/easement & legal agreement development and drafting
  • Negotiation services
  • Land securement services
  • Ecological gift program support
  • Covenant/easement monitoring

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific circumstances and interests.

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