Our Projects and Clients


  • National Trust of Zimbabwe:  development and maintenance of Trust website, along with website training.  View website.
  • Canadian Art Connections:  development and maintenance of websites for artists and for a retail store.  View website.
  • Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society:  re-development and maintenance of Society website.  View website.
  • Cowichan Valley Regional District:  negotiation and acquisition support for conservation properties in the Cowichan Valley.
  • Maritime Museum of BC:  staff and volunteer engagement and team building process, including a two-day workshop.  For the Maritime Museum’s feedback on this process, please click here.                                                                                 Find out more about the Maritime Museum.
  • South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program:  development of transition documents.                                                                                                Find out more about SOSCP.
  • National Trust for Land and Culture:  development of an organizational, legal and operational infrastructure for the National Trust for Canada, including a national entity and provincial sub-components.  Also, provision of all necessary operational supports, including marketing and fundraising.                                                          Find out more about the National Trust.
  • Fountain of Peace Society and National Trust for Land and Culture:  development, coordination and management of the International Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature to be held in Victoria, BC in 2014.                                         Find out more about the Summit.



In addition to the projects listed above, members of the Change Canada team have collaborated on a number of successful projects in the past few years, including:

  • Protection of Conservation Properties, including:
    • Sooke Potholes Regional Park:  negotiated the purchase and managed the legal strategy for the acquisition of this iconic property through a court-ordered sale.  The project included significant fundraising, public engagement and site management.
    • Sooke Hills Regional Park Reserve:  negotiated the purchase from a development company, and established the long-term protection of over 3000 acres of wilderness as a core component of the Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt surrounding the City of Victoria.
    • Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor (East Kootenay) and Fort Shepherd Conservancy Area (West Kootenay):  negotiated the purchase and donation of several acquisitions of significant wildlife habitat from Teck Cominco Metals Ltd, ensuring the ongoing protection and care of threatened interior ecosystems.
    • Horsefly River Riparian Conservation Area:  negotiated the purchase of several adjacent sites along the salmon spawning stretches of the Horsefly river and, with numerous government and local partners, began restoration of the habitat – and, in so doing, boosting the spawning potential and returns on one of BC’s most important Sockeye spawning areas.
  • Protection of Agricultural Properties, including:
    • Madrona Farm:  coordinated a dynamic local fundraising campaign to purchase this organic farm in the Victoria area, subsequently developing a long term lease and farm management agreement to keep the farm in agricultural production.
    • Talking Mountain Ranch:  negotiated the purchase of 1000 acres of ranch land in the BC interior, along with 75,000 acres of associated crown range land, to ensure the ongoing capacity and viability of ranching operations while also protecting ecological values.
  • Protection of Historic Sites and Cultural Heritage Properties, including:
    • Abkhazi Garden:  negotiated the acquisition of the world’s most significant small gardens, to prevent its destruction to make way for townhouses.  Developed the site into a publicly accessible facility, complete with restaurant and gift shop and oversaw the management of the facility.
    • Ross Bay Villa:  negotiated the acquisition of this heritage site in Victoria, one of the oldest existing buildings in the region, and facilitated a comprehensive and meticulous volunteer-led restoration of the home, now providing office space for two heritage organizations.
    • BC Binning Residence:  facilitated the donation and ongoing care of this designated national historic site in West Vancouver, the home of the renowned Canadian artist and birthplace of the the West Coast Modern architectural style.
    • Hardy Mountain Doukhobor Village:  negotiated the acquisition and protection of one of the few remaining Doukhobor home sites in BC, and facilitated the restoration of the main building on site, in preparation for its re-establishment as a museum for Doukhobor culture and lifestyle.
  • Development of Conservation Programs
    • Conservation Partners Program:  developed and coordinated an awareness raising, labeling and recognition program for agricultural producers who practice good ecological stewardship of their farm lands.
    • Pollinator Program:  developed and coordinated this awareness raising and ecological stewarship program for the protection and enhancement of healthy pollinator (primarily bees) habitat on agricultural properties.

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