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Bill is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and respected leaders in land conservation, and has received many awards and commendations for his conservation work, including the Order of Canada.  With a strong background in real estate and in the protection of our natural, cultural and agricultural heritage , Bill is an expert negotiator, a skilled strategist and an effective (and successful fundraiser).  He has in depth knowledge of conservation tools and mechanisms and knows how to creatively employ them.  It is estimated that Bill has been instrumental in the purchase negotiations of over $125,000,000.00 in conservation land in Canada.

Bill has served with many organizations, in both a management capacity and on the Board of Directors (often in the position of chairperson), as well as being instrumental in founding several businesses, societies and charitable organizations.  Currently Bill is the Vice Chair of INTO, The International National Trusts Organisation and also volunteers as their Information Technology Manager.  (INTO is based in London England and its membership is composed of over 60 National Trusts from around the globe with aggregate membership of nearly 7 million individuals).   Bill is well-versed in management techniques and strategies, business operations and sustainability.

Bill holds an honorary Doctorate from the University of Victoria.



Ian is an experienced manager (over 25 years), researcher and community developer.  He has acquired expertise in a wide range of activities, including:  organizational development and planning, policy development and research, project development and implementation, communications and public relations, fundraising, staff and volunteer management, campaign management and administrative coordination.

Ian’s background is primarily in social-profit organizations, government and politics, and in local community development, where his focus has been to build social capital, while ensuring sustainability.  He has also spent many years overseeing and developing cultural heritage programming and the protection of cultural heritage sites.



Kathleen has more than 20 years experience working in the social-profit sector, where she has learned to develop creative solutions, often with limited resources. She believes strongly in the power and effectiveness of partnerships, and has been a leader in numerous community partnerships and building staff teams.

Kathleen is a leader in the land trust movement across British Columbia and has been instrumental in its evolution as a force for conservation.  She has been responsible for operational oversight and management of many conservation programs, properties and covenanted sites, and for the implementation of innovative strategies.  Kathleen also has expertise as a human resources manager, a grant-writer and a workshop facilitator.



Kathleen is a fundraiser, motivator and project developer who is an expert in the use and practice of Appreciative Inquiry techniques as a catalyst for positive change – for both organizations and individuals.  Working with people to help them view challenges as opportunities she focuses on raising productivity and creativity, maximizing employee appreciation and self-empowerment, and strengthening individuals, organizations and communities.

In her many years of fundraising experience Kathleen has specialized in building new donor and volunteer bases. She has also developed and managed major international and national projects across Canada, has a strong background in tourism and community development and involvement in wide range of research projects, from women’s health and safety, to aboriginal and environmental issues.  As a best-selling author of six books, Kathleen also can help in the development and implementation of a wide variety of writing projects, research and publications.  A recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for her work in Arts and Culture, Kathleen focuses on community service – and she knows how to get things done.



Nichola has many years of experience and expertise in the land trust movement, specializing in the protection of grasslands and agricultural property and working to enhance the viability and sustainability of local farms and ranches.  She has a great deal of experience with landowner contact activities, works hard to build strong and effective partnerships and leads the way in connecting the agricultural and conservation sectors.

Nichola also has training and expertise in conflict resolution, (she holds a Masters Degree from Royal Roads University) and can provide a range of supports for organizations and individuals needing help to work through complex operational and organizational issues.


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