A Fresh Approach

– by Bill Turner

With the establishment of Change Canada Consultants Ltd., we take a fresh approach to making a better world.  Change Canada Consultants Ltd. (CCC)  is based on the notion that we can do good in the world by doing well in business.  A portion of the revenue from each contract we undertake will be invested by us in helping organizations who have the mission to improve the world but who need investment, capacity and inspiration to be truly successful.

The principals who have established CCC have many years of experience in business and in the charity world.  They all believe strongly in the capacity of the individual to change the world.  They also realize that the conventional charity model is not always effective and is often hampered by constraints both real and attitudinal that society places on charities.  As a social enterprise, CCC will work to bring out the best possible in organizations so that they, in turn, can prosper and be highly effective in their mission.

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